Hearing God in the quiet of quarantine

This is a love letter to your soul in remembrance of Jesus, the son of man born of Mary. 

As the world turns, we watch as time passes rapidly towards the faithful cataclysmic unknown approaching conclusion. 

A conclusion that has both the scientific community and religious community in complete agreement. The scientist has concluded that man is at the root cause of climate change giving rise to extreme weather conditions leading to mass extinction events. 

The proven scientific method has confirmed the written word of God, “The Lord is going to completely destroy everything on earth. He will twist it surfaces. He will scatter those who live on it.” Isaiah 24: 1)  

In our lifetime we the children of the new millennium all souls alive to count the days and passing decades since the year 2000. 

It is hard to believe now but the worst thing to fear 20 years ago was the expected malfunction of the world’s computer grid, a potential tragedy the media dubbed Y2k, this fear was easily accepted not because of inherent fear of technology, but because for 2000 years the Christian world has waited anxiously for the prophesied 2nd coming of the spirit of God in the person of the lamb. 

Holy Apostle Marcus Morningstar Davis

We are just 20 yrs. into the 2nd millennium and now we find ourselves curiously close to the biblical children of Iseral once again. 

Dear children of God as our people march through this transcendent time in history, finding ourselves perilously caught in a war between the world’s Mighty nations in history and the Lord God judge of all nations. 

As our people suffer outright open slaughter in our quest for freedom. 

This new millennium brings with it a renewed spirit of hope and the wrath of the ancient of days, whose word is true just as it is written “But do not forget this is one thing Dear friend with the lord the day is like a thousand years and a thousand years is like a day”. 2 Peter 3:8 

In this new day of the lord, we must reaffirm our closeness with the lord, reconnect back to the spirit of God to open a direct channel to the supplier of all your needs., 

God is calling his anointed, spend this time in quarantine as wisely as the children of Iseral and be sure to mark your heart with the blood of the lamb. 

 In your quarantine firmly follow the spiritual path of enlightenment offered in the words of Jesus “but when you pray go into your room close the door pray to your Father who is unseen then your Father who see what is done in secret will reward you.”  Matthew 6:6 

Lord Jesus gives us the perfect pattern for mediative prayer and quarantine offers the perfect opportunity to develop a deeper interpersonal relationship with God. 

It was in the quiet quarantine of the wilderness that Jesus was able to tap into the hearing of the spiritual world. And it is now 2000 years after Jesus that we still have the authority in spirit to access the hearing of Gods voice in the quiet of the night 

It is in the silence of darkness that your mind is focused and the thoughts that run a million miles through your mind are muted and with this spiritual mindset do you realize the presence of God. 

In the quite of quarantine where you will learn to discern the voice of God for some this voice comes as an individual soulful knowing. For others in the mystery of dreams and visions. While others communicate through signs and harbingers. The method the spirit choses to communicate to you is as unique as your own fingerprint. And it is this uniqueness this you-ness that the holy spirit seeks a relationship, deep indwelling relationship and not just a few hours of holy ghost visits on Sunday. 

But the holy spirit desires to stay upon you and be a constant presence inside of you. Hearing the voice of God requires focused and the ability to escape the distractions of the world. Sit in silence with the spirit of the lord, imitate the nature of the spirit of the lord, the spirit does not shout. It always annunciates in a gentle guiding whisper. 

Spiritual discernment is important because if we do not know the voice of inner God the holy spirit, then we are left behind and cast out as sheep before the wolves. Learning to hear the gentle voice of God in the quiet of quarantine will surely prove to be the lifeline that saves and prospers our lives. 

Jesus is on the main line, go ahead and tell him what you want. 

I am your brother Marcus Morningstar Davis. 

In Jesus name One love