Boston Celtics add new faces, create more future options with two key moves

After a painfully quiet draft day, the Boston Celtics got wild on Friday.

Boston agreed to two trades that left more questions than answers about what the team has planned for next season (and beyond).

Here’s what we know for certain: With the timeline to maximize available trade exceptions closing, the Celtics pounced. Boston used smaller trade exceptions to move off Tristan Thompson’s bulky salary while bringing back Kris Dunn, Bruno Fernando, and a future second-round pick.

The Celtics then utilized the remainder of the Gordon Hayward trade exception to absorb the modest salary of Josh Richardson.

So what happens next? We look like that popular gif of Charlie from “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” trying to determine what it all means.

What we know for certain is that Boston has maintained flexibility as it plots a path forward and has some intriguing new assets that can either help them on the court, or could potentially aid the Celtics in restocking their collection of future assets.