Founder of Black-Owned Podcast Network Celebrates Reaching 2.4 Million Downloads of New App

Bennie Randall, founder of the Bshani Radio Network, launched his app earlier this year and already has a total of 2.4 million downloads to smartphones, tablets, and other portable devices worldwide on both Android and iPhone platforms.

The Bshani Radio Network is one of the biggest African American podcast networks in the world with content available on two channels – The Bshani Channel, which features content on a wide variety of topics, and the Vercay Channel, which is a channel for women by women.

The Bshani Radio Network is proud to feature positive content to entertain, uplift, empower, and educate listeners about business, faith, marketing, motivation, music, technology, relationships, and more.

In 2017, Randall was inspired to create a platform where independent thought-leaders and entrepreneurs would have a voice to share their stories and expertise. Popular shows in the Bshani Radio App include The Bennie Love Show hosted by Mr. Bennie Randall; The Millionaire Mentorship Show hosted by Dr. Herbert Harris; Client Attraction hosted by Marquel Russell; and Situations with Sassy. Randall comments, “We are a network for the human race all podcasters are welcome to become part of our family.”

Three years later from the initial launch of the Bshani and Vercay Radio channels, Bshani is in a new phase. The launch of the Bshani Radio App has been a game-changer. When Tracey Lopez, Executive Director of Bshani International, was asked about the impact of the Bshani Radio App, she commented, “‘It’s not a game it’s a lifestyle.’ Mr. Randall always tells us to remember this!”

The Bshani Radio App is truly a game-changer with cutting edge features that do not take up valuable memory and disk space on your mobile device.

The Bshani Radio App features:

• A Light Install: It does not take up very much valuable memory space on busy smartphones.

• No Login Required

• Multitask feature. This allows you to listen to the episode of your choice while sending emails or a text on your smartphone or tablet.

• You can win great prizes. Push notifications let you know when free merchandise, cash giveaways, and more are happening in the Bshani Radio Network.

• Great motivational content to keep you informed, inspired and entertained.

The feedback in the four months of the app launch has been great. Lady Zhe, host of the Jazz and Tech Lounge on the Bshani Channel, comments, “I am very grateful for the Bshani Radio Network grabbing a foothold in the information age and providing such an awesome platform like the Bshani Radio App. I love it!”

The Bshani Radio Network is three years old with a total of 2,448 episodes total between its two channels. 94% of the listeners are women and 6% are men. The top locations tuning in Bshani Radio are the United States, Zimbabwe, Germany, Canada, and the United Kingdom. For more details, visit

Sponsorship and advertising opportunities are available on the network.

For inquiries, contact Tracey Lopez at or 646-694-8462