Entrepreneur Creates Coloring Books That Teach Black Children How to Speak a New Language

B.M. Hardin, a best-selling suspense & thriller writer, has released a new coloring book series called Color Me Bilingual. It’s the first-ever book collection of its kind that helps African American children learn how to speak another language as they color.

The Color Me Bilingual coloring book series features pages and pages of images of African American children, and the goal is to help young ones learn a new word in a different language – while having fun!

These unique coloring books are filled with pages showcasing natural hair, black girl magic, our little brown boys, and more. Children can easily learn basic, everyday words that they can learn to speak and recognize whenever they hear or see them.

B.M. Hardin says the idea was born when she herself recognized a need for it with her own child.

Reviews have been very positive with customers sounding off raving praises:

One reviewer on Amazon said: “Very Creative! This color book is amazing but then again I would expect nothing less from BM Hardin. This is an excellent way for my daughter to learn Spanish and color which is something she loves to do!”

Another reviewer said: “I love this book! My kids love this coloring book. They are Black and Puerto Rican, but more on the brown side and this has built some confidence in them. Thank you!”

Ultimately, B.M. says her plan is to release the books in 8 languages.

The books, however, are already available in Spanish and French on Amazon and on her official web site at

About the author

B.M. Hardin is best-known as the #1 best-selling author who brings readers mouth-dropping stories from suspense and thriller novels that are full of twists and turns that keep you on the edge of your seat. She has authored the best-selling book Give Him Back which landed her a feature in Entertainment Weekly as one of their “Top 12” favorite suspense writers. This book and all of her other books are currently available for purchase on Amazon.