God is Not Done with You Yet !

This is a love letter to your soul. In remembrance of Jesus, the son of man, born of Mary

Blessed are those who have made it this far in the land of the living. They say time fly’s when you are having fun, well the time has been flying but it ain’t been much fun.  

Time has truly been flying, for those who can remember life before the start of the year 2000 then you can we remember a world where nothing was possible, it seems like that old age would last forever. Before the year 2000 flying cars was just a fantasy of cartoons and sci-fi movies.  

Now there are flying cars in this new age. At the old age before the year 2000, the idea that a Black man could be president of the United States of America was the furthest thing from every American’s mind.  

And in the time before the 2nd millennium who can remember life without a smartphone the internet or even the closeness of the global community. They always said “It’s a small world” but today you can have a real live virtual best friend in Uganda, and business relationships in Indonesia.  

These are all realities now that were mere impossibilities before the year 2000. Things we could not even begin to believe were possible. Time fly’s so fast, in one day our ancestral grandparents went from the worst form of historical sadistic slavery.  

And in one day after all the water wading, all the suffering, all the beatings, all the lynching’s, all the burnings, bombings, and brutality. After all the prayers and in one instant freedom, the impossible was made possible.  

We are God’s people the great bearers of the cross. This word is offered as a balm for the wound inflicted upon the soul of the decedents of salves, the children of God that we in our time of trails in this furnace of fiery affliction.  

I have been anointed to report to you the end is near, just as God sent our people a King to lead us to the promised land, and from the mountain top, our King lit the torch that guided our people onward toward greater heights.  

When Dr. King prophesied that he like Mosses would not get to the promised land, but the Lord was faithful in his word and upon the sacrifice of black people in the south and the God-giving dream of our King.  Now we live in a world where it is possible to have President Jamal or President Lakeisha.  

Dear brothers and sisters the spirit of the lord is summoning our people to greatness, as it is written “So the last will be first, and the first will be last.” Matthew 20:16 for those who will answer the call of the holy spirit God has set you apart, anointed you with talents and gifts.  

God is looking for those who will submit for a double portion of his spirit. And use their enhanced talents and gifts for the building of his kingdom which is to come here on earth.  

Holy Apostle Marcus Morningstar Davis

Dear millennials you are thus named because you are the prophesied generation that would reorder the world in God’s image.  

At this hour it is necessary to stay in constant quarantine with the spirit of the Lord. For just as it was in the time of Lot , the time of Jonah and the time of Noah. We have entered the prophesied 2nd millennial spiritual reordering of world affairs.  

God is preparing you for advancement in the world and all that was stolen from us, God promised to return all honor, glory, and beauty of the Black man and woman, the birth givers of humanity and builders of civilization, God is restoring our people according to his word “I will also judge that nation, whom they will serve. Afterward they will come out with great wealth” Genesis 15:14.  

That is why in preparation for your rise God has instructed me to set up www.MarcusDavisColleges.com 

Marcus Davis College is a collection of colleges offering free college courses from computer programming to fashion design.  

No matter who you are, where you are or the darkness of the hole your life is in. I offer this word as a beckon of hope, a distant light that shines at the end of your tunnel of darkness, depression, and distress.  

Peace be still let not your heart be troubled your savior is on the way, as you continue to walk by faith and not by sight, remember to always sit in silent prayer with the Lord, hear his voice to discern the best path for your future.  

God is not done with you yet ! 

I am your brother Apostle Marcus Morningstar Davis 

I am the faithful and true witness in Jesus name 

One love.