Some Whites Feel Threatened After Former Teacher Launches Black Math Genius Program

 Meet LaMailede “Assata” Moore, a former educator and high school principal who has launched the Black Math Genius (BMG) program to address the dismal mathematics proficiency amongst Black students that continue to plague this country.

It was never intended to be a threat to white people. It was and will always be about Black students and their success.

The program is based on an African-centered pedagogy that puts Black students at the center of learning by teaching students the true origins of mathematics – Africa; by highlighting the many contributions by Black people to STEM fields; and by building the mathematical confidence of Black students by showing them what’s possible. Further, the program takes a holistic and advanced approach to learning – students learn to compute large numbers in their head quickly; they learn how to program in Python; they are exposed to physics and calculus. Lastly, the program is application-based – it’s important to understand integers in both banking and golfing; to understand modular arithmetic is important in understanding cryptocurrencies; etc.

BMG does for Black students what practice does for athletes and what Trump does for racists, it
gives them the strength and motivation to go hard, in this case, in mathematics. More
importantly than teaching the true origins of mathematics, BMG gives black students the
confidence and audacity to realize that they can and should be great at mathematics. It’s not a
traditional school program jammed with a bunch of meaningless nonsense designed to pass an
assessment. It’s a catalyst that will help schools bring out the mathematical genius in its

Why is this so threatening?

Because no one wants to lose their cash cow! Certainly not, a no college degree having, stomped by fraction perplexed, insecure churlish adult-sized child.

Racist people are ignorant of many things, however, they know the financial and social benefits
of denying Black people an opportunity at sovereignty, mental freedom, and financial wealth. If
you look at data over the past forty to one hundred years, you will see that there’s a direct
correlation between low academic performance in math and science, the widening wealth gap,
and stagnant homeownership. This data shows that although Black students make up close to
15% of the population of this country, there’s not one STEM field where they are proportionally
represented. In ALL cases, they are underrepresented. Further, the data shows that 20% of all
Black college students major in social sciences; fields that by default keep them in poverty.
Even the most advanced racist oaf knows that in turn, this creates lower life expectancy, more
crime in Black communities, less Black-owned businesses, eleven times less wealth than white
families, and an overall lower quality of life and death. Yes, the means of dying are even more
drastic and devastating for black families compared to others.

The Black Math Genius program is revolutionary. All Black students need to be enrolled in the
course. It has the ability to put Black children on a path of success by helping to identify their inner genius and purpose in life. Thus, you shouldn’t be surprised by the fake outrage and
kvetching of white folks screaming, “This is critical race theory!”.