Siblings Create Manga Inspired Graphic Novel With Two Black Girl Leads, Sign Major Publishing Deal

There is a place for everyone in American Manga, a belief that has not only inspired, but launched the careers of sisters Tiana and Nia Scott. Their manga, Happy Monstah, proudly features Black girl leads at the center of a visually dynamic, multicultural adventure.

By creating a space for African American heroines within the vibrant tradition of manga, the Scott sisters captured the attention of hundreds of Kickstarter backers and, recently, that of global media company and publisher Andrews McMeel Universal.

“This story is like capturing lightning in a bottle,” commented Happy Monstah editor Katie Gould. “It’s impossible for this not to be a big hit!”

Andrews McMeel Universal plans to build on the momentum of Happy Monstah‘s successful Kickstarter campaign, which raised a remarkable $18,000 and demonstrated the need for the Scott sisters’ particular brand of storytelling and Black representation in American manga.

The animated trailer featured on points to the exponential growth potential of the project, with discussions online packed with positive energy.

A recent fan remarked, “It’s important great stories are told authentically and there will be representation for everyone. I can’t wait to read this and feel empowered and shown. Full support!”

Happy Monstah features a whole world of interesting, multicultural characters with powers unique to their culture and iconic designs that both expand and celebrate the visual vocabulary of manga.

The art of Happy Monstah has since inspired the Scott sisters to add new designs to their streetwear brand, whose online catalog of t-shirts, sweaters, long-sleeves, tanks, and accessories recently grew with footwear featuring the Happy Monstah cast of characters.

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