Rising above the troubles of the world.

This is a love message to your soul, in remembrance of Jesus the son of man, born of Mary. 

Traversing the tribulations of the times with the onslaught of negative news and the constant bombardment of digital distractions and lack of social contact has left a deep wound in an already wounded world. 

For the past 20 years, we have lived through the worst calamities in American history, from the terrorist attack on 9/11,2001 to increasing destructive weather patterns. Many Americans are still attempting to recover from the great recession of 2008.  

With all that we have lived through we are assured by the approaching headwinds that the worst is yet to come. As America, the Mighty nation in recorded history drowns in over 20 trillion in federal debt and grapples feebly with the plague that has become a pandemic. 

While the unfolding events of our time are mirror reflections of the prophecies in the book of revelation our only hope lays in the new good news of salvation. 

That the same power that gave victory to all past believers in the written word of God, it is the same power that is present today. Just as the spirit of the lord was there to guide Moses and the children of Israel, is the same holy spirit that led Harriet Tubman and the believers of freedom to their promised land. 

It is in these examples that we find the light of hope that gives rise to greater faith. Faith that the same God that brought us through 400 years of terror, torture, and the tribulations of the oppressed under the Mighty nation in history. 

Holy Apostle Marcus Morningstar Davis

The greater faith that comes with knowing God, the great Parter of seas, and deliverer of his chosen people. We raise our eyes upon the promise of the lord and know for an absolute fact that in these times of trouble we are not forsaken, as it is written. “The LORD is a stronghold for the oppressed, a stronghold in times of trouble.” Psalm 9:9 

Reconnect back to your nature which is the nature of God, accessing the power of the anointing to center your mind and, clearly hear the whisper of the holy spirit as it speaks Hold on. 

Hold on because God is not yet done in fact God’s great power of manifestation has just begun. 

Hold on believers in God’s written word, your power is found in your anointing, reconnect to the spirit of God that is alive within you and feed your mind with a fresh revelation of God’s written word. 

As it is written, (“nothing new under the sun”). 

The holy written word of God offers us the complete blueprint for rising above the troubles of our time. 

So, stay rooted in the word of God and remember the words of the Artist (“the only love we make is the love there is”)  

I am your brother Apostle Marcus Morningstar Davis 

In Jesus name  

One love