Nigerian Chess Prodigy

Nigerian Chess Prodigy Who Rose to Fame at the Age of Eight While Living in a New York Homeless Shelter is Granted Asylum in the U.S. After Fleeing Terrorist Group Boko Haram With His Christian Family

A 12-year-old chess prodigy whose family fled Nigeria after they were threatened by the Boko Haram terrorist group has had his family’s application for asylum in the US accepted – just in time for the holidays.

Tanitoluwa ‘Tani’ Adewumi’s Christian family – including Tani’s mother Oluwatoyin, father Kayode and 19-year-old brother Adesina – arrived in New York in 2017 after fleeing their home country.

Within two years, eight-year-old Tani had beaten 73 different opponents and won the New York State chess championship while he lived in a homeless shelter with his family.

Three years after their original application, the Adewumi family were granted asylum and have moved from the homeless shelter into a New York apartment.