NEW ARTIST ALERT: Over Certified AKA OC™ voted 2023 Rising Star of the Year with his Debut Single ‘Deep’.

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Over Certified AKA OC™ is breaking new ground with an original sound and fire lyrics that has heated the hearts of listeners and fanned the flames of fandom that has launched the newcomer straight to the top 10 on the music charts.

The Chicago native possesses that kind of unique voice that is very rare, riveting and infectious with a sultry soul sound of stillness and a melodic musical arrangement that allows you the freedom to delve deep into your own thoughts.

‘DEEP’ is the sensuous once in a generation song that is spirit soothing and mind relaxing music that is perfect for those late night deep interspections.

Over Certified AKA OC™ has captured the crown of chicago radio with his captivating debut on The Fierce Female Radio Network, broadcasting to over 100,000 enthusiastic listeners. 





 Over Certified AKA OC™ took over the radio with the most successful debut of the year, Mr. Over Certified AKA OC™ had the most requested song on The Fierce Female Radio Network for five days straight.

This musical millennial’s meteoric rise has propelled him to the heights of 2023 Rising Artist of the Year by JUST FAME MAGAZINE, with Over Certified AKA OC’s™️ versatile lyrical style his star is sure to shine for another millennium.


“Over Certified AKA OC™️ debut single ‘Deep ‘ earned its place deep in our hearts as winner of Just Fame 2023 Rising Artist of the Year “. Just Fame

After the critically acclaimed successful debut of Mr. Over Certified AKA OC™️ hit single ‘Deep’ on the Fierce Female Radio Network the singer experienced Instant fame skyrocketing his hit single ‘Deep’ to the top of the Urban Fire Chart  landing in at Number Nine.



Congratulations are in order: It’s official Mr. Over Certified AKA OC™️  Chicago’s very own has climbed the Urban Fire Chart breaking into the third largest music market in America with his hit single ‘Deep’.
Deep is the certified lover’s national anthem, the best in baby making music with its breakout sexy success and soul stirring, ear catching lyrics and beats. 

Over Certified AKA OC’s™️ velvety versatile voice is a natural aphrodisiac that tickles the ear and delights the senses, rapturing the soul with joyful crescendo’s and relaxing the ear with a satisfying verbal climax.

“This is a nice song. The music snatched me right away, I’m feeling the melody as it kicks off. It’s an inspirational tone. Plus, the beat is gripping. Meanwhile, the vocal performance is on point. One can hear passion in the lyrics. I’m excited”. 

DJ Special Blend from Chicago


“Deep delivers dope lyrics over banging beats with an infusion of exciting energy layered under sexy vocals “. JUKEBOX Times 

After Over Certified AKA OC™️ was voted 2023 Rising Artist of the Year for his certified hit song ‘Deep’, he was featured in JUKEBOX TIMES MAGAZINE cementing Over Certified AKA OC™️as the musical maestro and lead conductor of the music that will be the soundtrack of our lives.
OC™️ has proven with his solar eclipsing chart topping debut hit single “Deep” that his voice is a soul penetrating instrument with a smooth vibe that soothes the savage beast. 
Music is life, and we live for Over Certified AKA OC™️.


This rising star has been spotted lighting up the City of Chicago skyline with digital billboard placements promoting his powerful, passion pack single ‘DEEP’.
With his new hit single ‘DEEP’ Over Certified AKA OC™ has received the crown of critical acclaim certifying his coronation as the CITY of CHICAGO’S next celebrity.


For a certified lesson in life and love, join the ‘DEEP’ revolution: follow the attached links and elevate your playlist with this ‘DEEP’ addition.



‘DEEP’ was written, produced by Ishmiel T Moore performed by 

Over Certified (AKA OC™).

Press Release: Over Certified  AKA OC™️ 2023 Rising Artist of the Year, for interviews, artist bookings and collaborations contact management @ Marcus Morningstar 

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