Magic Johnson Says He’s ‘So Proud’ of Son EJ

By Natasha Dye

Magic Johnson couldn’t be prouder of his son EJ.

“I love EJ’s career,” the NBA legend tells PEOPLE. “I think that EJ is really taking charge of his career and making his own decisions, and he knows how and what he wants to get into.”

Magic, 63, says his son, whom he shares with his wife Cookie Johnson, “is so beloved all over the world” as a television personality and as an icon for the LGBTQ+ community.

EJ, 30, came out as gay in 2013 and went on to star as a lead in the reality series Rich Kids of Beverly Hills in 2019, where he began to grow a loyal fan base.

Magic tells PEOPLE that his son doesn’t take that responsibility lightly and works hard to be a positive role model. “I’m really proud of him because he’s getting so involved and letting his voice help other people too.”

Magic shares, “He’s always saying, ‘You know what, Dad, I want to make sure everything that I do, that I enjoy it and that it sends the right message out there to my fans and the people who have always loved and supported me.’ “

The basketball icon has seen his son grow into an inspiring voice for young people wanting to come out. “He’s saving a lot of people’s lives and people don’t even know, and I’m so proud of him.”

Magic explains, “A lot of young people will call him and ask, ‘How did you come out’ or ‘Can you help me? I haven’t told my parents,’ and man, he gives so much great advice.”

EJ has made his own way in Hollywood outside of the sports industry his father dominated. On Friday, a new season of Louder and Prouder premieres on Disney Channel with EJ as the voice behind Michael.