DANIEL WHYTE III TELLS KING CHARLES III IF YOU DO NOT HAVE ANYTHING TO HIDE, AND IF YOU ARE NOT AFRAID OF YOUR SON PRINCE AHAB AND HIS WIFE PRINCESS JEZEBEL, THE PRINCE AND PRINCESS OF WOKEISM, THE LAST THING ON EARTH YOU SHOULD DO IS TO TRY TO APPEASE THEM. THAT IS PRECISELY WHAT THEY WANT YOU TO DO. HOLD YOUR PEACE AND LET THE CHIPS FALL WHERE THEY MAY. Prince William, Princess Kate, Harry, Meghan, King Charles III, and Queen Consort “Jezebel” Camilla see their popularity plunge by biggest margins in history due to Harry’s mudslinging memoir, which is tarnishing the entire Royal family particularly since Queen Elizabeth II and her integrity are not there to hold things together. The center is not holding.

  • The Prince and Princess of Wales have seen their ratings decline by the most
  • Ipsos Mori poll shows favourability of all royals has slipped since December 2022
  • Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s ratings also fell after Spare’s publication 

New polling shows there are no winners in the devastating fallout from the release of Prince Harry‘s memoir Spare, with the Prince and Princess of Wales seeing the biggest loss.

The figures suggest less than a quarter of Britons hold a favourable view of Prince Harry – but the royal who has suffered most in public opinion since the furore began is his elder brother Prince William.

The heir to the throne saw his popularity backslide by eight percentage points since December 22, with his wife coming in close behind and tying with Prince Harry at a loss of seven points. Meghan Markle‘s rating also dropped.

It also emerged that less than a quarter of those polled (23 percent) said they planned to read Prince Harry’s bombshell new memoirs – which has become the fastest selling non-fiction book ever after selling 750,000 copies in the UK.

Although 60 percent of those polled by Ipsos Mori said they held favourable views of the Prince and Princess of Wales, it is a worrying sign for a monarchy which has become embroiled in an extremely public, and dirty family feud.

Older respondents, aged between 55-75, showed a more favourable view of Prince William than those aged between 18-34, the poll found.

All the members of the royal family were found to be less popular in recent days than they had been in December, except for the Queen Consort, whose popularity rating did not change.

Prince William remains the most popular member of the royal family with a positive rating of 61 percent, while Kate and Princess Anne tie for second on 60 percent.

The royal family has seen a tumultuous few months following the death of Queen Elizabeth II, with the Sussexes taking centre stage after the release of their new Netflix documentary, Harry and Meghan.

It launched a series of attacks on the royal family and the UK press, most notably alleging the then-Cambridge’s team leaked negative stories about the couple in order to detract from themselves.

But Prince Harry levelled far more allegations and damaging claims about the family in Spare, which was released earlier this month. This included allegations of a physical assault by Prince William, who is also said to have called Meghan Markle ‘rude’ and ‘abrasive’.

The Prince and Princess of Wales are yet to comment on the matter, but the backslide in their popularity could be a sign the British public is becoming fed up with the Heads of State being implicated in the mud-slinging.

The Duke of Sussex, who has endured a steep decline in his personal popularity since moving to the US with wife Meghan Markle, has also taken a battering in the polls since the publication of ‘Spare’.

Half of those responding to the latest Ipsos Mori poll said they held ‘unfavourable’ views of the Duke – compared to the near 70 percent who backed him before the Sussexes’ high-profile decision to step away as working royals in 2019.

Meanwhile, over half of those polled said they held negative opinions on Prince Harry (53 percent) and his wife, the Duchess of Sussex (55 percent).

Prince Andrew’s popularity languishes at the bottom of the scale, with just 10 per cent of those surveyed saying they held a ‘favourable’ view of the Duke of York.

Overall, 68 percent of those polled said they believe Prince William would make a good King.

Prince Harry has also seen his popularity decline since the publication of his bombshell memoirs, with his favourability rating falling 7 percent in a month.

Today, less than a quarter of those polled said they held a ‘favourable’ view of Harry.

His popularity among younger audiences (33 percent favourability among those aged 18-34) also ranked much higher than those of older generations (8 percent).

Source: Daily Mail Online, Elizabeth Haigh, Jacob Thorburn