Black Woman Beats the Odds, Continues Launch of $800K Multicultural Salon in Downtown Detroit Despite Delays Due to COVID-19

Despite the pandemic, Katrina Wilson, founder of Crême Brûlée has been proclaimed as “recession-proof” and is moving forward to develop her multicultural salon in downtown Detroit.

After receiving nearly $600k in funding including grants and loans to launch her multicultural salon, Crême Brûlée, last year, she was eager to hit the ground running. That all came to a screeching halt when coronavirus hit the scene. Restrictions imposed by the government made it difficult to get things done.

However, Katrina is refusing to give up on her dream. She comments, “Crême Brûlée has been a dream of mine for 10 years, and for the last 2 years, it has truly been a very challenging journey. I was told no 23 times before I received a yes. I was able to overcome every adversity faced through three simple words: prayer, preparation, and patience. God selected me for this role because I possess certain knowledge, skills, and character traits that will enable me to lead others on a journey of continuous improvement and success.”

She continues, “Early in my entrepreneurial career, I made the decision to uphold high standards of performance, dedication, and loyalty to the people I serve. I also welcomed challenges which allowed me to be proactive and use my resources wisely. I was not afraid to fail. Along the way, I’ve learned some quite interesting lessons, but 2020 taught me the most valuable. It taught me to continuously seek opportunities despite whatever circumstances I am in.”

“Understanding my life’s purpose and the legacy I must leave helped me demonstrate honesty, compassion, integrity, respect, and sensitivity towards every lender that denied my application. I never took business; personal, which allowed me to look at every rejection letter and persevere,” she adds.A Groundbreaking Ceremony is Taking Place to Celebrate

Katrina’s resilience and determination have kept her business dreams alive while many other businesses have gone away permanently. Not only has she been able to acquire an additional $200K in funding for the salon, but build-out of the interior has also commenced. To celebrate, the team is hosting a “Groundbreaking Ceremony” on January 28, 2021. The salon grand opening is scheduled for early Spring 2021.

The future home of Crême Brûlée Detroit will be at 6406 Woodward Avenue, Detroit, MI 48202.

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About Crême Brûlée:

A luxury beauty affair awaits you. Upon arrival, visitors will be greeted by welcoming staff, light relaxing music, and a peaceful aura. Enjoy opulent add on services that include a state of the art beverage bar including premium cocktails, champagne, red and white wines, prior to entering your luxurious experience. Whether you are enjoying a relaxing massage, facial, hair, nail, or any other services, our staff will consult you to learn what your specific needs are and will evaluate them accordingly.

Their services have been thoughtfully conceived to allow for your interior and exterior beauty to shine. Arrive at their centrally located New Center Salon & Spa and let them bring you into a euphoric realm while pampering you.

For inquiries about joining the team or becoming a client, contact Katrina Wilson or call (313) 768-9608 (Monday – Saturday: 11am – 7pm). You can also follow Katrina and Creme Brulee on Instagram @paidandprivate and @cremebruleedetroit.