Black-Owned Tech Start-Up Revolutionizes the Home Inspection Industry Using Artificial Intelligence

A new, innovative Baltimore-based tech start-up called AfterrHome is changing the way the world views the home inspection industry by using Artificial Intelligence to help prospective buyers and sellers book and facilitate home inspections.

From its fun and engaging website with team avatars to its subscription-based model, AfterrHome distinguishes itself as a tech company that provides real-time solutions to home inspection services and the problems that can arise to unsuspecting clients.

When the user types in their address, the A.I. assistant recommends inspections based on the neighborhood of the property. By addressing additional costs that can discourage a home buyer from getting appropriate inspections, AfterrHome provides payment options that allow users to alleviate the pressures of major payments by opting to pay in installments.

Unlike traditional home inspection companies, AfterrHome offers a subscription-based model that allows users to not only book inspections, but they can also subscribe to preventative care services.

In order to provide additional security during these unprecedented times due to COVID-19, AfterrHome also offers remote live stream inspections to ensure homebuyers can safely attend their home inspection and maintain their confidence in the process.

The main objective of the company is to change the common perception that the home inspection is an antiquated industry, to one that has adapted real estate’s transition to technology. “The home inspection industry has not adapted to the era of technology,” Founder and CEO, Michael Floyd Jr. said. “You can look for your dream home and purchase it on an app, but when you get a home inspection, you are looking for a reputable inspector, so you have to conduct an exhaustive search to find one on your own that you can afford. You have no way of knowing if the inspector is reputable, and you have to pay upfront. We are looking to disrupt the industry by implementing a model that provides ease, transparency and options when it comes to the home inspection process.”

AfterrHome and its creators have a strong sense of community. The Community Giveback Program uses revenue from AfterrHome’s inspection services to provide free lead inspections to underprivileged families in at-risk communities with children under the age of 10. “In Baltimore, lead poisoning has become somewhat of a rite of passage,” AfterrHome’s co-Founder, Lenora T. Felder said. “Baltimore is a special city, and the youth of this city deserve to grow up in healthy environments where they can thrive. So we are going to do our part to create environmental justice.”

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